A Look Back and Forward

Jacket: Helmut Lang, Bag: Celine, Sweater: 3.1 Phillip Lim, Boot: Alexander Wang, Necklace: Vera Wang, Skirt: Allsaints

Well guys, 2012 is almost upon us. As I sit here listening to MONA‘s debut album on repeat, I think about not only the things I would love to wear on what could be my last days on Earth according to the Mayans (if you didn’t get me anything for Christmas please refer to photos above), but also of what a busy yet fantastic year this has been.

PHEW. That was a mouthful.

First off, one thing 2011 has taught me is the importance of a defined style and functional clothing. That’s why if I could choose any clothes to magically find in my closet upon my return to NYC, these here choices would be the ones for reasons I hope are self explanatory.

In other more serious matters, this year has certainly been quite a learning experience for me. I did more than I ever could have imagined and I know there are even more responsibilities, assignments, and adventures in store for the future. I’m not really one to make resolutions. I don’t like to see my promises to myself (work out more, blog more, eat fewer cupcakes etc.) get broken time after time, but I would like to apply the lessons I learned in 2011 to help me with all that lies ahead:

1. Just Say No (because it’s impossible to do everything).

2. Just take a break (because it’s impossible to work non-stop).

3. Just take a leap of faith (because the best things in life aren’t usually planned).

Other than that, I’ll just make sure my closet is well stocked for any event that comes up! What are your fashionable resolutions or goals for 2012?

In Rittenhouse Square

In Rittenhouse Square, photo by Trish


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