Williamsburg Wanderings

1. & 2. Berry Scone and Soy Latte from Bakeri Williamsburg, 3. Artists and Fleas, 4. Unpolished brass ring by Cynthia Rybakoff, 5. View of midtown from The Williamsburg Waterfront

If ever I wished a weekend could last forever, last weekend would have been the one.  I spent a relaxing Saturday afternoon in Williamsburg where I ate a scone the size of a pizza slice, and drank delectable soy late at Bakeri*.  This tiny bake shop is bursting with vintage charm.  The employees, all in light blue smocks, could be seen hand rolling dough for many delicious pastries.  From there I headed down the street to Artists and Fleas, a great indoor flea market that my friend Jenna told me about.  I was somewhat overwhelmed with the amount of affordable, yet unique jewelry available from a number of vendors.  I only walked away with the Cynthia Rybakoff brass ring pictured above, but I plan on returning a soon as possible for everything else.  I find that vintage vendors and flea markets are the best places for small-fingered people like me to buy rings.  Not only can larger rings be sized by the jewelry designers themselves, but they are also carried in smaller sizes, which is generally not the case with your typical mall store.  So if you are looking for something to do tomorrow or even searching for last minute costume components, Artist and Fleas is the place to go.

*Just a helpful tip: Bakeri only serves its drinks with whole or soy milk.


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