Back to Basics

1. & 2. J. Crew, 3. Gap, 4. Zara

As I combed through my closet the other day, I realized something starling and positively not ok– my wardrobe is severely lacking in the t-shirt department. “But Caroline,” you say, “you wore a T-shirt in the last post!”  Yeah, I don’t feel the need to remind you how old that shirt is (I still love it though).  The truth is, I underwent a style change last year.  I once owned mostly knit shirts and found myself working at a store that had a woven-only dress code.  Thus, I went on a woven buying binge– one that I am still on, it seems.  I’m addicted and I need some woven-rehab.  As you are well aware, not every occasion calls for a silk t-shirt; sometimes your basic cotton T will do the trick.  Since cooler days are supposedly ahead, I’m going to focus on long and three-quater sleeve options, mostly in my favorite shirt color- grey (I know, I’m so exciting with color choices)!  And because I’m so exciting, I’ll probably wear these shirts at least 5 days a week.


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