Foster the People at the TLA: Pumped Up Party

Energy, excitement, and some serious movement, those are just some of the elements that composed Tuesday’s Foster the People concert at the Theater of the Living Arts in Philadelphia.  Fans of many ages gathered for the sold out show in the South Street music hall and danced to the infectious beats.

FTP has received a great deal of hype and media attention over the past few months.  With the single “Pumped Up Kicks” blowing up the airwaves, tickets for the Los Angeles band’s small-venue shows have been hard to come by lately.  A visit to shows that the band’s next few gigs from July 1st to July 8th are sold out with the exception of the July 5th show in Tuscon.  According to the Arizona Daily Star the Tuscon show was moved to a larger venue when tickets sold out about a month in advance.

The hype is well deserved as the TLA concert proved to be an energetic spectacle of sound.  Foster the People played “Pumped Up Kicks” as well as many other songs from Torches that will no doubt become hits very soon.  The Foster sound incorporates a number of musical elements such as drums, maracas, and synthesizers.  Front man Mark Foster showed great showmanship as he transitioned easily from singing and strumming the guitar, to pounding to drums, banging on the keyboard and dancing, his arms and legs flailing across the stage.

Audience members that included everyone from hipster twenty-somethings to middle aged mothers danced and sang along, clapping their hands to the beat.  Even those unfamiliar with the band’s full repertoire couldn’t resist the danceable beats and Foster’s unique vocal tones.

“I went into the concert barely familiar with the band, having only heard their hit song “Pumped up Kicks,” and am now a huge Foster the People fan.  [I] can’t wait to buy and listen to more Foster the People songs,” said Ariel M., of Radnor Pennsylvania.


Foster the People’s debut album “Torches” can be purchased on iTunes, Amazon, and their online store.  For links and the complete track listing click here.


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