Pumped Up Kicks

Top: L.O.L. Vintage (Target), Skirt: J. Crew, Sandals: Franco Sarto, Earrings: FIT jewelry club sale,

Bracelets (from top) African Artisans, American Eagle, Gift, 1928, Made by a friend, Honduran Artisans

If you are wondering what made me go from posing quietly to jumping for joy, I’ll answer your question.  I wore this outfit to the Foster the People concert at the TLA in Philadelphia last night and I was so excited!.  I first listened to FTP back in January when I watched this ad motion painting video by Danny Roberts on his blog Igor+Andre.  My curiosity was instantly peaked but the band had only released a three song EP at the time. FTP finally released it’s first full length album, Torches, on May 23rd and it has become my summer soundtrack.  I’ll tell you all about the concert tomorrow.  And as an avid follower of The Man Repeller, I felt it necessary to bring an arm party to this party.  And I didn’t hit anyone in the face with my shells so it was all good.


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