Clockwise from Left: At the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens, Fashion’s Night Out, The Tree at Rockefeller Center (photo by Krystelle B.),  Rhinelander Mansion Ralph Lauren Men’s Flagship, S’mores cupcake from Crumbs, The Dakota, The Statue of Liberty from Hudson River Park, Frozen yogurt from 16 Handles, Echo in Madison Square Park, F/W Fashion Week 2011, Jackson Pollock at MoMA, Alexander Wang Boot at Bergdorf Goodman

It’s finally arrived: my last day in New York City (for the time being).  It certainly is bittersweet.  As this academic year comes to a close, I think about all that has happened so far and how amazing it has been to share this journey with you.  I’ve discovered many new things to love about this city and my days of exploration are well documented. There is just so much to see and do that I know there will be something new waiting for me upon my return.  I attended fashion shows, got published, ate far too many cupcakes and cups of frozen yogurt, ran and walked uptown and downtown, and even got a job.  I had a great time writing all of it down for you.  Hopefully you found all my anecdotes interesting!

Now, I’m going back to Philly where I’ll keep posting away.  Who knows what the summer will bring? I’ll let you know when I find out.    


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