Michelle Alves

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Recently, I was given the opportunity to conduct an email interview with model Michelle Alves for W27, The Official Newspaper of FIT.  Alves has walked numerous runways including the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show and the Paris couture shows.  She has also graced the cover of many U.S. and foreign magazines.   For this month’s Body Issue of W27, I asked the model and mother how she keeps healthy and remains a dominant force on the fashion scene.  Read on for her answers!

Via: Elite Model Management Blog

You walked your first major runway show for Armani and Emporio Armani in 1997 and have been modeling ever since. What is your secret to keeping your body runway and camera ready?
I joined a karate team when I was 12 and as I became part of the competition team I had to train every day. My parents always encouraged me to eat healthy. We always ate salads before our meals and had fresh fruit in the house at all times. As I got older, the trick was just to keep exercising and eating well.

You gave birth to your son Oliver in November of 2006 and returned to the runway January 2008.  What did you do to get back in shape?
After I had my second child, my body suffered a big impact. Now I have to exercise two to three times a week. I mainly do pilates and a little bit of weights.

What products do you use to keep your skin fresh and your hair healthy?  What is your daily makeup routine?
I’ve noticed that the amount of rest I get on a daily basis makes a difference in the way my skin looks. I use a daily serum, gel and moisturizer from Terri Lawton and I make sure to never sleep with make up on.

Is there anything you know now about beauty and health that you wish you knew when you first began modeling?
Many things! But I think the most important one is that beauty and health is a state of mind.

You’ve been modeling for quite some time now and continue to be a dominant force on the fashion scene, recently gracing the December 2010/January 2011 cover of L’Officiel Brasil.  What do you think has contributed to your longevity in such a fleeting and fickle industry?
I think it was my determination to stay in the know that has contributed to my longevity in the modeling industry. I wanted to succeed and I took it seriously.

What is one guilty pleasure that you love to indulge in?
Sleeping in!

What is the one piece of advice you would give to all aspiring models?
Never compare yourself to anyone, as you will always find someone that has something better than you. Also, go with the best agencies, hire a good accountant, work hard, and most importantly, have fun.


For more information on Alves’s career visit Models.com or check out her personal site.  Don’t forget to visit W27newspaper.com for exclusive interviews and content!


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