Weekend Update

Paley Park

Shake Shack

Empire State Building

Art Gallery

1. Paley Park, 2. Shake Shack Madison Square Park, 3. View of the Empire State Building from Madison Square Park, 4. Jim Kempner Fine Art and other buildings, 5. In between construction sites

Here it is, the requisite weekend-ending photo diary, since I haven’t been documented in anything sartorially exciting as of late.  Some of these photos are a few weeks old, but I’m not above posting old photos of my favorite parts of New York.  I stumbled upon Paley Park quite unexpectedly after reading about it on Refinery 29.  If you ever find yourself running around the Upper East Side shopping district, be sure to stop there and relax for a moment.  I still have to get a shake from Shake Shack but I’m not about to wait an hour for some sweets, so a photo is all I have for now. I really like to spend my weekends in the Flat Iron district.  It is a very nice neighborhood with some amazing architecture and great shopping.  Plus, there is always a great food cart or two just waiting to be ordered from. Also walking around the Chelsea gallery district as I did today is always inspiring.  You never know what you might find in this city, so don’t be afraid to take a walk and discover something new!      


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