Galliano Fired from Christian Dior

John Galliano after the Spring 2011 Dior Show

As you probably heard yesterday, Christian Dior fired its designer of 15 years after a damnig video surfaced on the website of The Sun, a British tabloid.  The video showed the designer in a bar making a number of anti-Semitic statements, and claiming “I love Hitler.”  It remains to be seen whether the Fall 2011 RTW show will happen on Friday, but according to Cathy Horyn of The New York Times a decision on the show should have been reached on Tuesday night.

The implications of Galliano’s termination will be interesting to follow.  The house of Dior has been very commercially successful over the past few years.  WWD reported Monday that,

“Revenues [of Dior] grew 15 percent in 2010 to 826 million Euros, or $1.1 billion, while profits vaulted to 169.2 percent to 35 million euros, or $46.5 million as reported.”

Ronald Frash, president and CMO at Saks Fifth Avenue had this to say about the brand,

“My initial reaction is they gained respect by dealing with this directly.” [credit]

While this may be the case for the brand, its former designer will probably suffer greatly on the employment front.  Only time will tell.  What I always ponder (now more than ever) is why celebrities and public figures constantly make similar mistakes.  In this age of smart phones, the internet, and social media, any misjudgment, no matter how grave, can be broadcast to the world in seconds.  What are your thoughts on this matter and on the futures of Dior and Galliano?


*Correction: Galliano worked for Dior for 15 years, as he joined the house in 1996.


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