It’s a Beautiful Day

Trump International Hotel and Tower Globe

Entrance to Central Park South

central park1. Globe at Trump Tower, 2. Maine Monument, 3. Central Park

WOW.  What a beautiful day in the North East.  This day has left me with tired feet and sore calves, but I could not have asked for better weather.  I decided to take advantage of the 68° day to explore the area in and around Central Park.  Starting in Central Park South, I made my way across the park to the East Side, walked up the Museum Mile of 5th Ave, crossed over to Central Park West and made my way back down the West Side.  It was quite a long walk, but one of my favorite pastimes is to just walk through the city and explore the familiar places I have visited all my life.  I always notice something new.

Warm Glow cupcake Cake and Shake

Warm Glow Icing Cake and Shake Metropolitan Museum of Art Warm Glow Cupcake

As you may know from my previous posts , I like to indulge my sweet tooth regularly.  Cupcakes, however, are treats I have denied myself of late.  As I sauntered past the Met, I decided to finally try a cupcake from the Cake and Shake truck.  I chose the Warm Glow cupcake.  The totally organic spice cake with cream cheese frosting and candied walnuts was just decadent enough for me and a great mid-journey snack.    The truck is so cute.  It even has a small section near the bottom where children can draw pictures with dry-erase markers.

I hope you had a warm and sunny day too!  Just to show you how warm it’s been the past two days, here’s the outfit I wore to a show room event last night.  Yes, I did wear linen and cotton.  It was that warm out.

Cardigan and tank: Club Monaco, Pants: Zara, Shoes: Tahari, Watch: Michael Kors


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