>Old Meets New


1.  National Museum of American Jewish History and the Bourse Building
2. Colonial Buildings on Market St.  3. The Suit Corner, Market St.
4. The Arden Theater  5. Christ Church Philadelphia 

I know it’s been a long time since my last post.  I’ve been so busy getting back into the swing of things in New York that I haven’t had time to finish telling you about my day in Philadelphia.  Until now.  I spent that day in Old City Philadelphia, my favorite section of the city.  After my cheesesteak consumption, I wandered to Reward Project on North 2nd Street.  Through the understated entrance I found a treasure drove of great design.  I would call it a more upscale version of Urban Outfitters.  Vanessa Bruno Athé, Surface To Air Paris, Opening Ceremony, and Jeffrey Campbell are only some of the impressive brands Reward carries as well as other incredibly cool, little known brands.  They also carry vintage bags, Plush Tights, and prints by local artists.  Plus you can check out the surrounding small galleries and independent book and music shops before or after you get your clothing fix.  On the way there be sure to take a look at the unique city landmarks pictured above.  

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