>George Condo


1. Kanye West: My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy Album Artwork
2. Smiling Woman with Pearls” (2008)  3. Adam Kimmel FW2010 inspired by Condo, masks by Gabe Bartalos
4.&5. Masterpiece Theater: Vogue December 2007
They other day, I was listening to My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy by Kanye West.  Anyone who has purchased this album could not have missed the colorful, interesting album artwork.  It called to mind the work of an artist who was featured in a Vogue editorial a few years back.  Sure enough, the artist was George Condo, whose work has had a quite an influence on fashion.  His style is very distinctive and has even inspired fashion collections.  This was one of my favorite editorials in a beautiful issue of Vogue that featured Penelope Cruz on the cover, accompanied by the most attractive matador in the world.  Anyway, you may want to explore Condo’s work further, especially if you are snowed-in as I am.  

*Editor’s Note: Condo’s show at the New Museum began Wed. Jan. 26 and runs through May 15.  Read more about it here.   

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