>Free to Roam, Make a Home Out of Everywhere I’ve Been


Sweater: J. Crew, Pants: Zara, Shoes: Tahari, Cami: Kohls   

So, I bet you’ve been wondering, “what will Caroline wear today?”  I know I wonder this everyday (usually when I wake up or in the early morning hours if I am just climbing into bed).  I will now return posting photos of my outfits, not only because of my vanity, but also because I received a camera for Christmas and I haven’t documented a single look since forever.  I believe this outfit is indicative of the influence New York City had on me, as I never wore an all-black outfit when I lived in Philly.  

In other news, if you a feeling bored on this Thursday afternoon, you could always venture out to your nearest art museum (although if you are reading this now, you probably don’t have time to make it before the museum closes).  I went to the Met a couple weeks ago and found that the Damien Hirst shark had been replaced the sculpture seen below.  Here are some photos of some other pieces I had not seen before and as well as familiar sights:  

1.  Me, Central Park, & Sculpture, 2. & 3. Modern Art Pieces in the 2nd Floor Modern Art Galleries,
4. Petrie Court, 5. The Met 
I also viewed the John Baldessari: Pure Beauty exhibit and the Miro: The Dutch Interiors exhibit.  Both are will make you think and contribute to a great afternoon.

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