>A Taste of Italy


1. The Met Life Tower at Night, 2. Dessert Case at Eataly, 3. Loaves of Bread at Eataly,
4. & 5. Cappuccino at Eataly    

 On a quiet pre-New Year’s Eve night, I find my self sitting inside and finishing up a post I began to write this morning.  I find this to be a perfect time to stress the importance of eating well in the new year (everything in moderation of course).  If you are in the mood for a hot shot of expresso, or an exquisite bowl of pasta and have managed to dig yourself out of the New York City snow, then you should make your way to Eataly on 5th Ave. in the Flat Iron district.  It is hard to believe that my friends and I had coffee and gelato there at the first snowfall of the season.  All I can say is that if you appreciate your taste buds and want to give them a late Christmas gift, you need to go to Eataly.  Plus they have the best cappuccino I’ve ever had.  Just make sure you go on a weeknight or you’ll be shivering outside in the cold for a while. 


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