>Anyway you can be found

It’s been a while and by now the old readers of this blog have probably moved on to bigger and better things.  I completely understand.  I haven’t been posting much because I have been experiencing life in the city (without a good camera) and I just haven’t had time.  When I’m not engaged in some activity it’s safe to bet that I am taking a nap.  Nonetheless, there is so much I want to share with you and hopefully,  when I have some time on my hands (and a better camera), I can fill you in on everything that’s happening.  Meanwhile, here’s a list of events that I wish I could have attended while I was doing something else:

  • Ralph Lauren receives the key to the city
  • Albert Elbaz teams up with H&M for Lanvin [Hearts] H&M
  • WWD threw its 100th Birthday Bash
  • Lucky Shops

And to amuse you, a little Style.com video about one of the coolest models in the industry.


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