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Jil Sander S/S 2011

If any of you are still actually following this blog, I am still alive and well and want to provide you with the best info on the world of fashion!  NY fashion week was great and I had the amazing opportunity to volunteer there.  The atmosphere of Lincoln Center was fabulous and it was so cool to see so many stylish people in an equally stylish and classic American setting.  Change was also in the air when it came to silhouettes.  I really like the direction fashion is going in now.  The loose, easiness of the clothes is something I am really drawn to.  Lately I have been obsessed with buying my shirts one or two sizes too big and I am just in awe of all the loose, slouchy pants worn down the runway.  Although there have been many great interpretations of 90s and 70s looks this season (Marc Jacobs anyone?) there have also been looks that seem new and different such as Proenza Schouler (a perennial favorite of mine if you haven’t noticed.)   

On a more specific note, Raf Simons has given me a reason to love Jil Sander again (I would post this whole collection if I could).  Honestly, I was not taken by his last F/W collection.  I thought it was cold and as devoid of emotion as it was of color.  This season, however, I am obsessed!  The colors that came of of Milan for spring were so bright and happy.  An inspiring thing to look at if you are experiencing the rainy weather of NYC today! 


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