>Eat Me, Drink Me


1 & 2.  The Regency Cafe Almond Iced Latte and Almond Cupcake with Cherry Frosting
3 & 4. El Rinconcito Veggie Burrito and Horchata 

Because I enjoy procrastinating, reminding myself how I need to stop eating incredibly delicious and fattening foods so I can fit into my new pants,  reminiscing, and because my Mac is finally free of technical difficulties (trying saying all of that in on breath) I am posting these photos of this week’s culinary conquests.  Tuesday a friend and I visited my favorite cafe, the Regency, and I had the most delicious cupcake. The icing on these cupcakes is always so good and I often have to convince my self not to buy one of these since they are so big.  But, since I won’t be back for a while I let myself get one.  And of course, the Regency makes the best lattes I’ve ever tasted and this one was no exception.  The next day one of my friends took me to her favorite Mexican restaurant, El Rinconcito, where we both had veggie burritos.  They were huge (just like my stomach).   For those of you who might not have been to sure about drink what was in the photo, I would never wash down my burrito with milk!  The horchata that I did have was very refreshing.  Well, I best be going back to work.  I hope I didn’t make you too hungry! 

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