>A Week in the Life


1. Jean Jacket: Hydraulic, Shirt: Blue Camel, Shorts: Loomstate for Target, Sandals: Sam Edelman, Bag: Hype, Earrings: A shop in Toledo Spain
2. Vibrant flowers in Rittenhouse Square Farmer’s Market
3. Baguettes in Rittenhouse Square Farmer’s Market
4. Ring: A New Creation
5. Steaz and A New Creation Ring from Lansdowne Farmer’s Market

It’s been a while since I’ve shown you anything I have been wearing lately because to be honest with you if I did post a photo of me in ripped short shorts and a tank top you really wouldn’t care would you?  Yes, I must admit that I have dropped the ball style-wise this summer and I really don’t like any of my attempts to pick it up (this attempt included).   But hey, that’s what yesterday, a couple days in the last 2 weeks, and possibly another this next week are for.  Hopefully by the time I reach the Big Apple and fall starts rearing its impeccably good looking head I will be back to my usual self style wise.  Until then you can amuse yourself by looking at these memories of a day of shopping in Philly.  After a successful stop at Zara I took a stroll to the farmer’s market in Rittenhouse Square where vibrant fresh flowers and flour of fresh baguettes caught my eye.  Last week I scored a lovely freshwater pearl cluster ring by Liz Steele-Coats’s A New Creation and a delicious Steaz drink at the Lansdowne farmer’s market.  Nothing beats a sunny Saturday to shop when the temp’s just right.


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