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I love vacationing in Orlando, especially when it involves shopping at the outlets.  I received a comment asking if I could describe a typical day in my life or a day of shopping.  Since blogging about a day in my life would bore my readers out of their minds, I’ll describe a day of shopping, namely the day of shopping I had on my vacation. When I go shopping I look for 3 things: style, quality, and cost– low cost.  I usually go to the Orlando Premium Outlets but this time I went to the Orlando Prime Outlets because of the nice coupon in the brochure that could be used to get a free coupon book  (did I used any of these coupons?- no).  I did, however, make use of the 30% off Neiman Marcus Last Call 4th of July Sale and the 40% off one non-sale item of my choice offer.  I had originally thought the one non-sale item would be 40% off instead of 30%  but to my surprise I snagged my Hype leather cross body for 70% off!  It was a great day in spite of the torrential down poor that kept me in the same store for at least an hour and a half.  I feel like this post is kinda long so (if your really curious) I’ll post about my typically shopping habits some other time.  And no, I did not buy those great L.A.M.B. heels, but I sure did want to!  They are probably the highest shoes I’ve ever tried but they were surprisingly comfortable. 


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