photos 1-3: me; photo 4: my mom
I guess you might have been wondering where I was for the past week.  To answer your question I was in Florida soaking up the sun and having some fun!  Since my dad is a fan of the great American road trip my family and I left our house at 2:00am and drove down to Orlando, making a stop in historic and eclectic St. Augustine along the way.  Although I was dressed in my travel garb of (gasp) running shorts, an old T-shirt, and Rainbow flip-flops, there were many people in the Spanish Quarter dressed in everything from flirty dresses and heels for a nice dinner, to causal and common Abercrombie tops and shorts, to obscene T-shirts and punk attire.  And there was a great variety of places to shop and dine.  We went to Pizza Time and feasted on large slices of very good Brooklyn style pizza, but if you want a table grab it quickly because the place fills up fast!   In addition to the usual gift shops, I stepped into a vintage shop and found a really cute, really short black velvet halter dress and a floral blazer (very trendy right now) for only $30!  My mom remembered when she had one like it.  Of course I didn’t buy anything there but I should have.  Anyway, the bottom photo is of a really cute little expresso and ice-cream shop.  I can’t tell you if it’s any good but I do know that the gelato at the Cafe del Hidalgo is delicious.  The combination of pistachio and toblerone is especially rich and tasty but the fruit flavors are also great (just a hint: gelato is a lot more enjoyable in a cup not a cone). The cafe even has a summer special of 5 flavors for around $5.  Of course, the fort was really cool and I took a lot of photos of it so expect to see more of them over the summer.  I hope you had a fun and patriotic 4th of July.  While you were scarfing down hot dogs, hamburgers, and my favorite, corn on the cob and watching fireworks, I was intermittently sleeping and failing at iPod solitaire while I headed back north. 

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