>The Return


Sorry I’ve been a bad blogger lately! Especially because I’ve had 2 snow days and the rest of the weekend to blab about New York, London, and Milan Fashion weeks, but I could not bring myself to do it (I figured that you were already stalking the collections and might not want to see me raving about the same labels everyone else is raving about i.e. Marc Jacobs, Michael Kors, Proenza Shouler-LOVE- Prada- though a younger version of Miuccia’s vision featuring pieces from my closet is in the works). Yes, I must say that I am liking the classic, wearable turn fashion has taken this fall season, but I can’t say that I am ready to discard all of the flashy things I’ve acquired lately- as a matter of preference I will always love short skirts more that long ones, since they make my legs look short-but I digress. That’s why it’s Peter Dundas to the Rescue!!! Not only has this man made the long skirt sexy, he has breathed new life into the sequined mini dress! I am also excited about the prevalence of the high waisted trouser pant, since I bought a pair of trouser jeans a couple years ago and the trend never really caught on. I sure am rambling today (and using tooo many sets of parenthesis)!

But I digress yet again. This collection is a sensual, sexy, young, but also a bit sophisticated homage to the ’70s. The scarf mini dresses are fresh, while the sequins and lace are simply fabulous. The trousers and especially that crocodile trench give the collection a more grown up feel. Even if I find the prevailing trends refreshing, I love to see a designer who gives a nod to said trends with tailoring, or a certain element such as skit length, but then decides to update what we might have already seen. Because, while we “young people” would love to have more casual, wearable clothes in our closets, we still need something sexy and shiny to party in.


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