>I Want What I Can’t Have


American Apparel Unisex Tie Dye Circle Scarf

J. Crew Sequin Chino Short

So right now Christmas is over, it’s the dead of winter, I have no money and probably won’t have any until my birthday. Great time to be totally obsessed with two items (besides the Prada Chandelier Shoes of course). The 1st item is the American Apparel Circle Scarf. I love the purple and white tie dye one. The best part about it is that it can be worn 12 ways. 12!! From a scarf, to a hood, to a dress and every thing in between. Crazy, this one item can lead to numerous outfits. If I get it you might get tired of seeing me in it 🙂 The other item is this pair of sequin shorts from J. Crew. I ADORE sequins, so it’s only natural that I would flip for sequin shorts. This would be a clever look for evening. In the summer I could show some leg and now I could wear them with tights and heels.

I saw the shorts in the January issue of J. Crew which is just brimming with great SPRING clothes, and bathing suits. The same day I got this catalogue I also received the Victoria’s Secret Swimsuit Catalogue. Swimsuits sun and surf. Do I want it to be summer all ready? You bet. Then I would be my birthday and maybe I could go shopping again.

Scarf- American Apparel.com
Shorts- J. Crew.com


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  1. >That scarf is so cute—and apparently, very versatile. I love that tie-dye is coming back, it's even showing up on designer swimwear! Great find:)

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