>The Elements of Style

Images from: Vanity Fair, Urban Outfitters, Real Simple, Vogue, J. Crew, and Harper’s Bazaar

Last night, instead of going to bed, I was overcome with the desire to make a collage. Since the collage is so big it obviously wasn’t going to fit in my scanner so you’ll have to make to with the photo I took of it.

This collage perfectly describes my personal style; it’s all about contrasts. As I’m sure you’ve noticed, I wear a lot of classic pieces, but I love to mix them up with unexpected elements. My favorite part about getting dressed is creating a juxtaposition of styles. I love to mix menswear with girly items, play with different textures and fabrics, and emphasize volume, proportion, colors, and prints. If you’ve ever wondered what sets your style apart, collect some images that you like from magazines, cut them out, and put them together. Making a collage or inspiration board is a great way to acknowledge the characteristics of your style.


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