>New Amsterdam


It’s been a while since my last post. I’ve been really busy but during this time I managed to visit NYC for some shopping. On my way to SoHo I stopped at the beautiful and historic Trinity Church (pictured at top) and City Hall Park. Once I reached the shopping area I broused a couple stores before shopping for my first time at Uniqlo. This is my new favorite store. Racks and racks of well made, affordable, colorful basics from skinny jeans to trench coats filled the 3 floor emporium. The best part was that I bought a pair of light blue skinnies and a limited edition T without breaking $30!

Also, I was finally able to set foot in Top Shop. It definately was an experience. After discovering a flowered skirt I went to the dressing room area where I waited for like 10 minutes before trying it on. The other customers and I were given complimentary water bottles to refresh ourselves with while we waited. By the time I was done the line snaked around the small area and I went to where my aunt stood in line for me to buy my skirt. The good sale price was lessened even more by the student discount! It was a great day. I’ll post pics of my new clothes next time!


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